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Issues of which breaks the Iman

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Marriage and Divorce

Life of the Prophet (SAW)

Life of Khulafa Rashideen (RA)

The Ten Glad Tiding to Jannah

Democracy, Monarchy and Khilafah

Respecting wifes and slaves of Prophet(SAW)


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What is Islam?

Islam means submission, safety and peace.
Islam means submitting oneself to the rules of Allah, and in return Allah will guarantee safety from the Hellfire and peace in this world and in Heaven.
Islam is also a social model that relates to how people interact and live together. Establishing society according to the model of Islam is called iqamatu-deen. Iqamatu-deen is a fard responsibility for all Muslims. 
Allah sent his Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) with the responsibility of iqamatu-deen

In the Qur’an Allah says:
Allah sent His Messenger with guidance and the true religion (of Islam) to make it dominant over all religions”.  (Surah Taubah: 33)

What are the Benefits of Accepting Islam?

There are many benefits of accepting Islam, such as:

  1. The pleasure and love of Allah
  2. Forgiveness for all past sins
  3. Multiplication of rewards ten times to seven hundred times
  4. Allah grants safety from the Hellfire and grants a peaceful life in Heaven
  5. And much more

What is the Procedure for Accepting Islam?

Accepts 5 fundamental issues in Islam and testify that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad (saws) is Allah’s servant and Messenger.  Whoever accepts Islam is a Muslim and whoever does not accept Islam is a Kafir (non-Muslim).


Listen to the Testimony of Faith


What are the fundamental issues in Islam?

There are 5 fundamental issues in Islam:

  1. Shahadah (testimony of faith)
  2. Salaah (prayer)
  3. Zakaah (charity)
  4. Sawm (fasting)
  5. Hajj (pilgrimage) 

Whoever accepts Islam must practice all of these. Whoever does not accept any one of these, they are not Muslim.


What are the Obligations after Accepting Islam?

After accepting Islam must be put into practice and made a part of ordinary life.  This means one must perform good actions and worship Allah. 
The following three easy steps for someone who accepts Islam:

1. Declare that you have accept Islam
2.  Believe and accept all the issues and rules in Islam.
3. Practise Islam in the life and doing A’mal and ‘Ibadaat

Whoever does these three things, they are a real Muslim. Allah becomes his guardian and he will be granted entry into Heaven. 
Whoever only declares Islam but does not accept all 5 pillars of Islam, they are fooling themselves, as Allah knows they are Munaafiq (a hypocrite) and Allah will put them into Hellfire forever. 
Whoever does not practice any rules of Islam they are called Faasiq (rebellious).

What does A‘mal and ‘Ibadah Mean?

A’maal means good actions.
‘Ibadah means slavery to Allah.
Everyone is the slave of Allah and Allah is our real master.  It is necessary to follow all the commandments of Allah by putting them into practise in our lives.  This is the meaning of ‘Ibaadah and these actions are called A‘maal. 
The person whose ‘Amal and ‘Ibadah are accepted by Allah will be successful in his life.  But for Allah to accept our A‘maal and ‘Ibadah, there are some conditions.

What are the Conditions for A’mal and ‘Ibadah to be Accepted?

There are five conditions for A‘maal and ‘Ibaadah to be accepted:

  1. Having Iman (faith in Allah) in the heart
  2. Having Ikhlaas (intending to do something only for Allah’s sake and no one else)
  3. The action must be done without any Riyaa (showing off)
  4. All rules and regulations for that action must be followed
  5. The action must be according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and the model of the Sahabah

If any one of these conditions is not met, then Allah does not accept the A‘mal (action).  The person who makes such a mistake cannot hope for any reward for his A‘mal, so he just wasted his time.


What Happens if Somebody does not Accept Islam?

Whoever does not accept Islam is called Kaafir.
Allah does not have any mercy on him.
Allah does not like any Kaafir and He does not forgive them.
Allah becomes angry with them and will punish them in the fire of Hell for ever and ever.


What is Heaven and Hell?

Heaven: Heaven is a place that is full of the blessings of Allah.  The smallest Heaven is bigger than ten earths.  In Heaven, there are many beautiful gardens, such as fruit gardens, flower gardens, tree gardens and many other gardens. There is lots of yummy food and there are beautiful rivers, canals and many beautiful places made of gold, silver and different coloured diamonds.  For service, there will be very beautiful teenage boys called Ghilmans and very beautiful, lovely women called Hoor.

In Heaven, there will be no laws or rules and no need to worship or pray.  In Heaven, all people will be young, beautiful and lovely.  Each person in Heaven will be stronger than a hundred people of this world. Everything in Heaven will be forever and it will never end and never change or go bad.

The rules of Heaven are: eat, drink and enjoy!  For this enjoyment there are no limits – no-one will ever stop you or ask you what you are doing.  At all times there will be happiness, and everyone will be happy with each other.

The Muslims who have pure Imaan (true belief), who spends his life following the Shari‘ah (laws of Islam) and who does all things only to make Allah happy will enter Heaven and live there forever.   

Hell: Hell is the place of Allah’s anger and punishment. The angels will hold people from head to toe and throw them into the fire of Hell.  The angels will tie them with long chains and beat the people with big hammers.  Each time an angel hits someone their bodies will be squashed and then Allah will make their bodies grow again so they can be squashed again, and this will carry on forever.

Big, poisonous snakes will be come and bite them. If these snakes only spit one time in this world all the plants would die.

People will be very hungry and they will ask for food so the Angels will give them Zaqqoom.  Zaqqoom is a fruit that has a bad smell, is poisonous and have sharp spikes, and they will eat from it.  Then the people will be thirsty and will ask for drink, so the Angels will give them melted blood and pus from people’s bodies.  The drink is so hot that if they touched it with their lips their skin inside their mouths will start to melt.  After drinking it their bellies will pop and everything will come out.  Then their bodies will be made new again and then they will go through the same thing all over again. 

They will be given lots of other punishments too.  The punishment will never stop and they will have no rest.  Everyone will be angry with them and they will stay in Hell forever.


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